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Coaching Services

As women, we spin many plates and wear many hats but working on the individual and beautiful soul that you are is the best investment you will ever make, which is why I have designed my 12-Week Transformation Programme to make a real impact on you and your life.

12-Week Transformation

Over the 12-Week Transformation we will work together to get crystal clear on where you are at, we’ll look at what you really desire, we will uncover what a better life looks and feels like and we will implement the strategy for transformation. Each week we will focus on different areas, strengthening your mindset with the aim to give you the confidence to set clear goals and take action to achieve them.

12-Week Transformation
12-week programme


Ignite The Spark VIP Day

Not quite ready to jump into my 12-week Transformation Programme don't worry I have just what you need. My Ignite The Spark VIP day is a 1-2-1 magnifying glass look into your life right now. Together we will identify your desires, what a better life looks like to you and uncover where you are at, skills you can transfer, your interests and come up with a strategy for you to start making a positive change.

VIP Strategy Day

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