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Welcome to my website - it's great to have you here

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Welcome to my first ever blog. I’m so excited as this will be going onto my brand new website, which will include photos from my first ever brand photo shoot!

Both of these have thrown me way outside my comfort zone and gives me butterflies, but it’s all for a greater purpose.

Let me start from the beginning…so you know what I’m actually talking about.

A bit about me…

I’m Terri, twice divorced, (not proud, but a fact), a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, friend - you get the gist. My grandson is the light of my life; he’s 5 years old and he’s playing Joseph in his first ever school play, we are so proud. He stays with me overnight once a fortnight and we have so much fun, he loves it here and I love having him. Being a grandparent is the best thing ever!

My working life…

For the past 28 years I have been in various roles within the NHS. I’ve loved my time in the NHS, I’ve been able to pivot from role to role which has always kept me on my toes. I started off as a part time receptionist in an outpatients department, I then went full time as a PA to Consultant Urologist and finally for the past 20+ years I have been a trainer and Business Change leader. I have learned so much throughout my career and consider myself very fortunate.

In March 2020 Covid hit and….

Things drastically changed when we were all told to work from home, or WFH as it became familiar, as if the NHS needs another acronym! I was no longer driving to different health boards all over Wales, I was stuck at home on my own. It was very isolating which I’m sure many of you can relate to.

I didn’t take kindly to this new way of working and, like many of us, it sent me into a bit of a low time. After a few months I managed to find my own routine and I settled down.

I couldn’t see my daughter and grandson, he was only 3 at the time and I couldn’t bear it. I sent myself into a state of paranoia, but found out later that the paranoia was justified, and very common. I think I will write more about this in another blog..

When you’re sitting on your own 24/7 you have a lot of time to think! This can be both productive and dangerous! I started coaching students pro bono and realised pretty quickly that this would be something I would love to do permanently. I’d been coaching and mentoring unofficially for years but wanted to do something official, for myself.

I put a plan in place.

I qualified in Life Coaching and Mindsets, went on a couple of courses to learn how to get started with my own business, and then got myself accredited as a Transformational Life Coach (TLC another acronym, I can’t help myself).

I knew that the usual life coaching route wasn’t for me, I wanted to get my clients their results fast! And TLC provided me with that tool.

For the past 18 months I have been on an adventure of how to create my own business… failing at so many things but learning that this is normal and ok, thinking I could change the world and be the next best thing, but realising that being ME is enough. There is only one of me which makes me unique PLUS I have a purpose.

To create the results and outcomes my clients desire.

I have learnt:

  • how I don’t want to do things

  • what I want to deliver for my clients

  • how I want my clients to feel after a coaching session with me

The reason I knew I would be good at helping others is because I’ve been where so many of you are. I’ve suffered it, I’ve made some difficult decisions, I’ve also made some absolutely massive life changing decisions too….and done things I would never have believed possible of myself. But that’s what life changing decisions do.

This is a cliché saying but it is so true

Regret the things you haven’t done, not those you have.

And I can’t regret even the things that didn’t work out, because I’ve learnt from them, even if the lesson was – don’t do it again!

But you know… during this past 18 months I’ve been hit with overwhelm, highs and lows, had inspiring revelations as well as procrastinated over the smallest things. It’s been exhausting and at times damn well frustrating too.

But I know I am destined for this journey.

In April 2022 I semi-retired from my day job to focus on my coaching business. I now spend half my week supporting incredible women to start building the life of their dreams too.

And I am still growing and learning. An important lesson I have learned is - DON’T TRY TO BE PERFECT! Things are always changing and you have to change as well. Perfection is frustrating, it is better to take positive and consistent action. Tweak and change as you go, much like life, we never know what is around the corner and we have to be adaptable.

I was at a Mind Body and Spirit event recently, helping a friend with her business. There were many stalls, and when it was quiet I would go for a wander and chat to other stall holders, asking how they were doing. Some weren’t getting the sales they wanted and I offered advice on how to switch it up….try a different strategy, see how it went then keep switching it up until something worked. I absolutely loved it, no selling, no hidden agenda, just helping where I could.

And that gave me new ideas as to what I could also incorporate into my business. You just never stop thinking about the next thing.

And so here I am, having learnt all this ‘stuff’, feeling so pleased because some wonderful people have come into my life.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear, and I definitely feel privileged to have met the people who have helped me on my journey.

The reason for all of this is my mission - I’ve made all the mistakes so that my clients don’t have to!

My mission is to simplify, demistify and take the fear out of solo travel for all women, so that they are free to live the life they desire and make the rest of their life the best of their life ❤️

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